21 August 2006

Weighing my choices

I'm still weighing my choices in advance of tomorrow's election. I think now it's just going to be a gut decision when it comes to ballot.

As for the ballot measures, I'm voting yes on both, following my general belief that less money in politics and more money in the state treasury are both good things. Yes, ballot measure 2 in particular is flawed and I have problems with legislating through the ballot box but this was not a difficult decision.

Frank Murkowski's troubles make the Washington Post. People are asking now how low will he go? I honestly think single digits is pushing it. I don't think the winner of this race will get more than 35 per cent of the vote, which leaves plenty for Frank to get into double digits... not very far, though.

Also, I've been meaning to call up the Division of Elections for the past few weeks and volunteer to work on election day, handing out ballots or whatnot. It seems like they always say they need more people. I finally get around to stopping by today and they say they don't need anyone else. I guess it's my own fault for being so late.

Go vote... it'll do your body good.

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