22 August 2006

Waffle Overload

One of the things about living in Nome is the high cost of living. This is the obvious point. When everything has to be flown or barged in, costs go up.

And the effects of those high costs play out in many ways. For instance, Eggo waffles were on sale the other week - 4 packages of 16 waffles each for $11. I don't normally eat Eggo waffles and I don't particularly like them but 64 waffles for $11 was too good a deal to pass up. So I bought them.

Now I'm stuck with more waffles than I know what to do with. As I ate waffles number 21-24 this morning for breakfast, I seriously questioned the wisdom of my decision and just how else I could eat waffles other than my usual peanut butter and syrup route.

But a sale's a sale. And you can't pass them up.

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