30 August 2006

R.I.P. Sirius

Some sad news from the Delta Discovery:

On July 4th, 2006 at 0730 hours Alaska State Trooper K9 Sirius died unexpectedly while on vacation with his partner Investigator Hazelaar and family in Fairbanks. He left behind a long legacy of service and accomplishments to the citizens of Alaska, Troopers, his partner and more importantly his family Jessica, Braedyn 8, Jamin 6, Ethan 6, and Jalyn 5 whom truly knew this great friend and protector....

With medical problems that slowed his initial start, K9 Sirius only had the ability to work for the citizens for approximately 6 months prior to his passing away. In that short time, K9 Sirius was the sole reason for 41 arrests in drug trafficking to the YK Delta. Of those arrests, K9 Sirius was attributed with a total of 57 pounds of marijuana seized, 7 ounces of Cocaine, 63 bottles of Distilled spirits, $93,000.00 in currency seized, and four vehicles. The total Street value on the narcotics and alcohol totaled $1,350,650.00 on the street and the total value on assets seized totaled over $175,000.00.
Sirius indirectly entered my life indirectly with the giant drug bust in Bethel in April. I was taken with the story, not only because I like seeing drug dealers caught and I like knowing that a million or so dollars might be spent on better items than illegal drugs but also because it allowed me to say "Big Bethel Bust" on air several times, which was endlessly amusing... and still is.

The Commissioner of Public Safety told me in April that they really liked having a K9 unit in the bush and Troopers said the bust was due to Sirius. Now with Sirius gone, will they be able to bring another dog into the position?

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