19 August 2006

Palin candidacy

As I've noted before, my problem with the Palin candidacy is that - to the best of my knowledge - she has done no campaigning in rural Alaska. Confirmation again in the News-Miner today:

Palin is passing on Fairbanks, but was here last week and has hardly given up on it, according to Bailey. She’s made at least eight trips to the city since she declared her intention to run for governor, many of them while campaigning in her Volkswagen Jetta.
As a general rule, when campaigning in a state with so few roads, a Volkswagen Jetta strikes me as not the ideal form of transport.

The worst part is that Palin declared last October (on Alaska Day) and was in Nome in February for Iron Dog to support her husband. You would think that between $300,000, a snow-machining husband, and 10 months on the campaign trail, she could have shown rural Alaska a little love.

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