17 August 2006

Once more...

After more than a year away from blogging, I've returned to the sport for a couple of reasons.

First, I really like to write. I know there are numerous avenues for that and I've been enjoying many of them - including in my professional, day-to-day responsibilities - but I often find myself wishing I had a much larger audience. I don't know who'll stop by this corner of the web, but it's always worth a shot.

Second, life in rural Alaska is just so overwhelming and so richly expressive that it strikes me as a true shame that there aren't more people chronicling the intriguing tapestry of events that makes up life in this glorious part of Creation. My posts will only scratch the surface but that's better than nothing.

Third, why not?

I'd like to keep this blog focused on Alaska, particularly my experience of Alaska. That means posts primarily about rural Alaska and the Bering Straits Region more specifically. Given my professional responsibilities and natural political inclinations, I foresee more than a few posts that apply perhaps to the issues of statewide significance. What I'd really like to avoid is writing about the same old national and international events that everyone writes about with no degree of authority. What I've realized is that the only thing I can speak with any authority about is my own experience and that will be my focus. Not, of course, that authority is necessary when it comes to blogging but it is a nice place to start...

One more rule for myself is that I'd like to limit the amount of time this takes from my life. That means there probably won't be daily posts. I'll be too busy experiencing all that rural Alaska has to offer.

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